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We are building the conditions for the future

through a planet-people approach,

because changing how people live, will always change the world.

MASSLAB is an awarded international design studio engaged in the progressive and contemporary fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and comprehensive planning, focusing on designing for a hopeful future.

We are facing major disruptive trends, including rapid urbanization, aging populations, social isolation, climate change, and mobility. Changing how we live has the power to transform societies and impact how we work, move, interact, and lead happier lives. Regarding what´s important – impact, planet, people, viability, MASSLAB is dedicated to developing solutions to create a better everyday life.

We aim to design accessible and livable cities, fostering inclusive and diverse communities, while reducing the ecological footprint. We believe that we are defined by our actions, not our intentions, and as architects, we have part of the responsibility to create a positive impact on each project.

From buildings to public space, from urban planning to furniture design, the creative direction includes social, functional, economic, and environmental issues that are integrated into the different scales of each project. In a constantly changing world, every project is translated into possibilities. MASSLAB is permanently motivated to find them.

Founded in 2016, the Porto-based office team is made up of people from different nationalities. The result of this dynamic environment is an enriching mix of distinctive professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds, that influence every project based on diverse insights and new perspectives.

Not believing in individual work, MASSLAB is constantly establishing strategic collaborations with specialists from several professional fields and geographies, to come up always with new insights. MASSLAB has already teamed up with specialists from Portugal, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands.

In a short time, MASSLAB achieved national and international recognition through international competition wins, with special emphasis on the Nordic countries.

Aiming to improve well-being and enrich the human experience through our ability to solve pressing problems and impact the world, the company’s portfolio includes all sorts of projects between Portugal and Scandinavia, with collective living buildings, student housing, industrial renovations, urban developments, and ongoing masterplans, combining architecture and technology, while rethinking the cities, the communities and the urban environment.


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